I am John The Apostle and I am here to prepare the Way for Jesus’ Second Coming. John 21:20-23

Right before Jesus returned to heaven He said to Peter about John, “If I want him to live until I come, what is that to you? Follow me!” And I, John The Apostle, am living now to alert Christians that Jesus is coming soon.

To help Christians prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming, I wrote the books Is Your Church Heavenly?”, the Is Your Church Heavenly? Group Study Guide, and Divine Revelation and you can learn more about these books on the Website pages Divine Revelation and Is Your Church Heavenly?

Additionally at this Website, I share 28 sayings from Jesus on the page JESUS says, write a commentary on each Jesus saying on the page titled John’s Blog, and provide, for Church Pastors, a Seven Sermon Series Outline about the Heavenly Church on the Seven Sermons page.

Eternal thanks to you for visiting this Website and I pray that my writing helps reveal the mystery of John The Apostle and Jesus’ Second Coming to you. And may we all remember that Jesus’ Final Words to Peter, to me, to all the Apostles, to Christians throughout time, and to you are: “Follow me!”

So, let us follow Jesus together and together lets us prepare the Way for Jesus’ Second Coming.

Christ be with you, John The Apostle